Innovative ways to teach mathematics to children

Children are often intimidated by just looking at mathematical problems. They say it's difficult before you even try. Of course, as parents, you do not want your child to feel like this. Well, there are already some creative ways to teach the subject. With innovative methods, math concepts can be easily understood and applied.

Creative methods for teaching mathematics

Dramatize – It would be a smart idea for you to invite children to pretend to be in a box or a ball, feel the faces, corners, edges and dramatize arithmetic problems that 3 frogs jumped in the pond, then 2 more, how many are in all ? Dramatization can greatly help children to understand different mathematical concepts.

Use the child's body – Suggest that the children show how many mouths, feet and so on they have. Try asking them to show their three arms, they respond loudly in protest and then tell how many they have and show it. Also invite children to show numbers with their fingers

Play – It would be wise to engage children in block games that allow them to do mathematics in different ways, including creating symmetrical patterns, sorting, patterns, series and so on. Also suggest that they pretend to buy and sell toys or other small things, learn to count, understand money concept and more.

stories – You can share books with children who add mathematics but are also good stories. Then help them see mathematics in different books.