Converting Your Living Room – A Home Improvement

From early times in the United States (USA) until the 1970s, much family activity was concentrated in the living room of a home. Also known as the "reception room", the housekeepers took guests there as soon as they entered the home. This room contained the best seating and decor. There the drapes hung nicely about the windows. A small piano can remain in the room. A vase with newly cut flowers and a bowl filled with nuts or coins can rest on the coffee table. "Eat something while I get coffee from the kitchen," a housekeeper can tell guests.

Keeping completely clean, the living room location made it possible for the homeowner to entertain guests without getting into the residence (where knee bends lured). A homeowner can comfortably engage in polite and interesting conversation and give an impression on the guests in the living room. That place, the most formal, the racing room of the house, radiated sophistication and purity and the wordless identified family as rising in social status (or not). But homes in the United States changed in the 1970s when people wanted to express themselves, to have more choices, and they were less concerned about what the guests liked about them.

They care more about configuring their home with imaginative and useful living spaces. Even today, most newly built homes, like those built before the 1970s, have a living room. But the family room (where the radio once rested, then put the TV and now wide-screen TV mounted on a wall) centers practically both the family and their guests. Entertainment in the digital age, not simple conversation, requires access to digital content (no cover is needed or desired).

Homeowners began to rebuild their living room to home office, a special room limited by desk, computer station, and online access. Then the computer's workstation developed to become a source of computer games and many former living rooms and offices became online games. Now, no computer or gaming compliments in a room. A tablet or laptop enables mobile computing and a smart phone enabled online game.

Where does the old living room leave? Some people put a bar there, complete with a pool table. For other people, this has become the guest bedroom (closed with a door to a bathroom). Pets sometimes get the room to themselves, complete with the bed, the toys, a dog bar (a dog's bar with water and kibble) and a door to the door located at the base of the front door. Some of these ideas are more meaningful than a living room that lacks life, a ghost of ghosts and dust rabbits. # Tag1writer

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