Choose the right living room furniture with these five tips

Setting up the perfect living room is a goal for many homeowners and tenants. Whether they love entertaining or looking to create their own slice of paradise inside their home, the perfect furniture can make all the difference. But finding the right living room can be a real challenge. Here are some tips to help hunt for the perfect couch a little easier.

Think about the size of the room

Interior designers insist that the space dictates the interior. A large L-shaped sofa will simply not work in a small space. Before taking a new sofa home, consider the size of the space. Instead of a big piece, look for a smaller couch that gives the room a sense of space. It may still be a statement piece, but it should not dwarf the whole room.

Think about what the room needs

Does the room have built-in bookcases and a space for the TV? If so, there is no need to spend extra money on an entertainment center or floor to ceiling bookshelves. Instead, you choose more seats. Add an armchair or a love seat to a window to create a cozy reading hook. If the room is small, use hidden storage spaces. Add a coffee table with a shelf or drawers built-in to keep the root from accumulating on the top, or use a storage matrix to maximize storage space without giving you comfort.

Know who will use the furniture

If the space will be used mainly for entertaining guests, look for pieces that reflect the style and interior of the room. This will create a sophisticated and cohesive look. But if there are children and pets that put on the dress, look for stain resistant alternatives. Many sofas, chairs and ottomans are available with stain-resistant upholstery to maximize furniture life.

Stick to a theme

Mixing and matching styles and designs can create a unique space, but make sure the finish does not collide with each other. Look for complementary colors when you buy new pieces, add accent cushions and integrate older pieces with the newer ones. Rather than replacing everything in the room, look for ways to creatively incorporate older pieces into the new theme. There is no need to get rid of a completely beautiful coffee table just because the wood is a different shade than the new side tables. Just coordinate between the two.

Invest in quality

Upgrading the living room can be done at bargain prices, but it is always best to look for quality rather than just a low price. Buying cheap furnishings often means they have to be replaced earlier. Investing in high quality objects instead of bargain hunting contributes to the living room sitting for many years to come.

The right pieces can turn a living room from a bland, utilitarian place into a cozy hangout perfect for entertaining guests. Transform the style and utilize the space as much as possible by adding some selected pieces to the space.

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