Bathroom interior with horseshoes

Bathroom fittings can suit all themes and any personality. It can also suit all lifestyles.

If you want a bathroom theme that is west, cowboy or horseback riding, you can enjoy the bathroom decor with horseshoes.

Horseshoe bathroom fittings can be rustic, with emphasis on wrought iron and accessories. It can just as easily be exclusive, the horses are part of an English competition theme.

Horseshoe Bathroom fittings with wrought iron

Wrought iron products are easy for the horseshoe interior. Sometimes wrought iron horseshoes stand alone. Other times they come with a string or two barbed wire. Look for toilet paper holders, handbags in facial tissue, towel rings and towel rods, all supported by horseshoes. Wrought iron mirror frames often have horseshoes as well.

Horseshoe shelf holders can hold a shelf or two in your bathroom. A horseshoe wine rack makes a wonderful towel holder and no one will guess that you mix kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Roll single towels and insert them into individual holes in the shelf.

Horseshoe Bathroom fittings in other metals

The horse shoe design is shown in many metal products. Do not limit your search to usually bathroom fittings. Horseshoe-shaped hardware can replace the standard hardware on cabinets and drawers. For a cowboy / western look, towel rings and shelves often have a horseshoe with a fitted cowboy in the middle. The Cherish Country Store features a range of sleek linens. Their toilet paper holder is a horseshoe with a hook. You simply drop the roll over the hook. Matching horseshoes hold clothes or a mantle. Their horseshoe napkin holder, intended for the kitchen, would be perfect for fingertip towels. From another source, a triple horseshoe, double candle holder provides soft light for your bathroom interior.

Horseshoe Bathroom fittings in soft materials

Horseshoes do not need to be cemented carbide to complement your bathroom interior. Shower and window curtains can carry a horseshoe – or horseshoe and horse pattern. Horseshoe shower hooks work well with such a curtain. You may only find the shower curtains you need at Kickin's "Horse Shoe Creations".

Bath towels and towels can wear a monogram inside a horseshoe. A pair of linked horseshoes are also beautiful on the towel package.

Various Horseshoes

Add tumblers with a picture of a horse's head surrounded by a horseshoe. At Hoofprints we found a very unique horseshoe ceramic vase that would be good as a toothbrush holder. A matching soap bar is also there.

Your horseshoe bathroom fixture will also look good with a horseshoe plate. For the fun, add a horseshoe door knob to the outside of the bathroom door.

Keep a real horseshoe on the bathroom wall as a nice touch. Infidelity says you should hang it with the ends pointing upwards so that your happiness will not end.

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