5 hot new bathroom accessories for environmentally friendly bathroom fittings

Environmentally friendly bathrooms or the bathrooms are hot and comfortable with bathroom beaches for the summer of 2010. A lot of bathroom interior design together with environmentally friendly and low water consumption details and equipment are used to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Organic bathroom accessories go a long way in controlling water waste and electricity bills. Some changes that are implemented during the rebuilding or renovation process can make a big change. Check out the 5 hot bathroom accessories that are a rage around the lovers of organic bathroom interiors.

Trendy environmentally friendly bathroom accessories

Organic bedding : Organic linens are basic organic bathroom accessories. Use organic bedding, if required. These are cotton towels, knitted rugs or shower curtains. Make the boring and boring bedding even more interesting by borrowing a personal touch to them. Hand paint your shower curtains, hand stick your rugs; Release a touch of your creativity if possible.

Bamboo bathroom accessories : Bamboo bathroom accessories make it not only green bathroom accessories holder, but also look beautiful. With a calm and serene look on their color, they make the typical environmentally friendly bathroom accessories.

Organic soap and shampoos : While everything goes organically in an environmentally friendly bathroom, the soap, shampoos, conditions and lotions are best kept in the herb. Switch to organic and herbal cosmetics for better health and a better environment. Soap with mineral salts and organic beauty ingredients such as milk, saffron, cucumber, butter, various fruits, etc. are made to meet a variety of potential users.

Toilet flush lock sinks : Among the environmentally friendly accessories is a new type of toilet. This pool is a low water consumption mechanism that uses the flushing water, which saves water in large quantities. The toilet pipe drawer basin is a small basin on top of the coil cover which saves both space and water. The water is then used only for flushing purposes, which saves the water that would be used to wash your hands in a separate basin.

Use sunlight : The more natural light in a bathroom, the better it is. But if you do not plan a refurbishment in the near future, go to sunlight instead of the usual ones.

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